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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

a metaphor

I thought I would share a poem unrelated to the work I am doing in conjunction with the book In the Palm of Your Hand.

I have not had much time for creative writing or blogging as I have been working on a long lesson plan for one of my grad classes. But the lesson is about poetry. It is intended for a sixth grade class to teach imagery and metaphors and I used this poem:


Morning is
a new sheet of paper
for you to write on.

Whatever you want to say,
all day,
until night
folds it up
and files it away.

The bright words and the dark words
are gone
until dawn
and a new day to write on.

- Eve Merriam

In my lesson plan, student will write their own metaphor poem with the topic being life.

So I thought I would try doing one of my own.

Life is
a long highway
for you to drive on.

Wherever you want to go
there are bright green signs
with words,
yellow lines to keep you in your path,
and exits when you need to get off.

The paved road
can hide potholes
and others may crash into you.
but if you drive carefully and purposely
and make choices,
you will get
where you need to go.
-J.N.Sinclair (Morrow)

1 comment:

  1. I am never one to stick to forms. Just write what comes to me. Mostly five minute jobs. You can guess, right? *sigh* I wish I could. If someone said write a metaphorical Poem or something I couldn't. I just wait until the words poke me in the ribs. Ha!
    But this is lovely, you.
    I see you are following me. I hope you find something that please you amongst my 'babies'.