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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Some older poems 07/08


It keeps raining
cold gray skies with window wipers that squeak
because it is not raining enough
It would be nice
if it would just pour and the sky would empty
and we could move on.

But instead I deal with this slow trickle
and wait.

Vivaldi Plays

Vivaldi's Seasons plays for my two-year-old
daughter, as she tilts her head
to see a visual interpretation on a DVD.
A golden retriever plays in autumn leaves,
a fall-covered mountain passes by quickly,
as she tilts her head.

She holds her blanket that she has had since birth and she is calm -
looks reflective to me.
And I wonder if she

Sunlight streams across my keyboard through the blinds behind me,
from the sun outside.
unlike the TV, where it is Fall, out there,
it looks like Spring,
and I hope it is,
really is,
(I am reflective too, reflecting on:)
We could both use a little bit of spring.


Like an image tattooed on the sky
it's public record
but you
tell the untruths
you say
I wasn't
you say

Like an image
a sunflower that browned
and wilted
falling to the earth below
then scattered

You have lost everything

only your untruths remain
tattooed on the sky


The rain continues on without stopping
Our white plastic balcony chairs are wet.
I sit on one anyways.
I smoke a cigarette long and hard,
as I miss him.

Everything is wet and the rain
falls softly.


Night comes early to one who has been too long
in the day. One who walks and walks like a worrier, like a hummingbird,
hum hum, worry, worry,
One who sees tomorrow only in possibilities
of black and gray,
and sadness, seagulls have become more plentiful straying
Far from the ocean, you can now find them anywhere
digging through trash. They are vultures. She is a vulture onto herself
seeing everyone, everything, as feeding on her.


  1. I love these, especially 'You'. that opening 'like an image tattooed on the sky' Beautiful, you.

  2. Oh wow. Powerful stuff. I agree that "You" is especially grabbing - wonderful imagery. I also loved "Digging", even though the end is shockingly strong (I like sea gulls :)), but again, great imagery. Love your voice!

  3. Hi morrow,
    You're very expressive; I feel and identify with the compassion you exhibit.
    It has taken me a while to be grateful for my past. I realize I can transform the past by owning my power now, by accepting, healing, and learning from it.
    I wish you well in your writing and experiencing events that inspire... as you truly inspire others!