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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Another Day - Ist draft

Another day

There is stillness in this day-
quiet. a gray sky envelops,
hides the sun.
A scatter of raindrops covers the cars,
that are not moving.
The grass is wet on sock-covered feet.
The air: cool, moist, unrelenting.

One can turn their face to the hidden sun,
but find no warmth
to energize easily
the soul.
There is only a cool damp day to reflect on,
to silently trudge through -
to get to another day.

-J. Sinclair (morrow)


  1. morrow, I like where this poem is going. We've had seven days in a row of rain and no sun and I feel like a battery running down that only the sun can recharge. I love the way you paint the sense of stillness in a gray sky and raindrop covered cars not moving.

  2. Thank you. :-) Hope you see some sun soon!

  3. I love the images within and yes for me too, here in my part of the world. Spring never seems to be arriving fully *sigh*
    'One can turn their face to the hidden sun,
    but find no warmth' My fav of the whole. Lovely write, you.

  4. Hello Morrow!
    You poem is so real; having recently gone through a six day "gray out" here, I was tempted to build an ark! (Ran of duct tape.)

    [.."to silently trudge through"...] yes, that feeling drove me to the grocery store, where I emerged a few minutes later with a live floral bouquet! I placed them in a small vase of water on the kitchen counter, "my hang-out" and enjoyed them in spite of three more days rain. Now that I look back, even one flower would have been energizing.
    It's overcast today, but I've had my eye on a certain little rose bush in my yard; I'm ready.

    You are a fine writer. I look forward to hearing more from you. "Here comes the sun"... do you know the song?

    Enough for now. Dixie

  5. Yes I love that song Dixie!

  6. This is so calming and pretty! Love it!