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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

inadequate letters

There are no letters
that can represent any sound
cant put them together
in small words
to show
the wind rustling through the trees.

A bird can be heard
that sounds raspy
Those letters and their sounds are not
quite right.

A child turning a wind up toy-
Crank, craank, craaank,
but no
not right again.

A lawnmower is enters the setting.

It is far away, unseen,
a coming and going sound
machinelike EEER EEEEEER
coming and going
loud and soft
like a mosquito that moves to and from your ear.

The whooooossshhhhh of the trees.
The rrruuusssshhh of the leaves.

Eeeee ee eeee
twit  twit    twit
(or is it tiwt tiwt?)
(or toorwhit tooowhit torwittt?)
and twee tweee twee tweeeeeeeee
twee -
so many birds, so many sounds-
inadequate letters.

The lawnmower is reminiscent-
sounds like a child's toy.

The ROAR of a passing plane,
The CLINK of their dog's chain,
the Dog's bark,
Inside, a phone RINGS.

The CREAEAK of the door
that opens, and a human enters the outside world
with words, " I wanted to show you this"
plastering graffiti on nature's wall.

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