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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Path of the Firefly

she was the only one outside
sitting in one of the wooden chairs her fingers holding the lit cigarette,
the excuse to go outside

her knees were pulled up legs bent
she looked with her eyes:
white house slanted roof stars
sheets that flapped in the wind dancing with a clothesline

she was trying to follow the path of a firefly
spotted earlier near one of the flapping sheets
it disappeared when its light turned off

she looked again at the slanted roof
the grey shingles remembered another night years ago
they had sat on that roof
a group of them looking down at the drunken slight chaos below

laughing loud voices the glow and smell of lit cigarettes shouting
and yelling singing along to loud music lots of beer and friends standing by the keg.

there it is again- the firefly- near a flapping sheet

she loses sight of it and stares again at the empty roof
the trail of smoke that her lone cigarette leaves behind
voices travel to her from inside quiet muted
reminiscent of television left on forgotten
background noise the program would be some type of family show
because that's what they all were inside couple married
a few even with children already a family

it has been a long moment since she has seen the firefly
she fears she has lost it
she worries it has gotten engulfed by the flapping sheets
or been carried away by the wind or simply that it had traveled too far -
out of her sight

then she sees it alight once again
above the slanted empty roof firefly  lightning bug Pictures, Images and Photos


  1. I always find excuses to go outside. I wonder why I do that? I mean, I could just go out and stare at everything all I'd like but I feel like I need a reason to be there.

  2. I like this - it really conveys something beautiful beyond what's happening on the surface. Great imagery!

  3. When you have a chance, I've a little something for you at my place!