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Monday, December 20, 2010

White Flowers

The child moved through the air on a swing. The air was warm and the sky was blue. She loved the blue sky. She loved white fluffy clouds. She wanted today to always be today.

              The child in the swing
              wants to stay frozen in time
              but clouds float by.

The child hears her mother's voice. She loves her mother's voice. She swings higher. Happy, her arms pull, her legs bend, as she sings a made-up song.

              A rabbit enters
              the small garden full of greens.
              The child does not see.

She loves her backyard. She has a sandbox. She helps Momma with the garden. She found lots of green beans that Momma said were hiding. All the bushes that lined the length of her backyard like a fence all had different types of flowers. No two were alike. She visited them each day. She smell them all. There was one smell she did not like. It came from the bush with the white flowers.

              A pink bike sits in
              a dark garage forgotten.
              The child climbs her tree.

She leaves her swingset to climb her favorite tree. She climbs high to her fort and hides inside. She hears her mother's voice calling again. She sings quietly a made up song.

              A lunch box
              Had her favorite
              treat inside.

The mother enters the fort. The child starts to cry. She takes her mother's offered hand and they climb down together as she cries. They get her new lunch box. They wait for the school bus together. Together, they sing a made up song.

             A squirrel
             enters the girl's fort.
             The bus departs.

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