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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Spring Bliss

Some trees blossom with beautiful vibrant flowers every Spring,
It can happen overnight. One day the trees display themselves bare and gray,
reaching towards a similar gray sky, one can feel winter’s sting-
colorless and still, a sky and a tree, a seemingly sad despondent way to pray.

A watcher can get deceived, entrenched in his or her own mind trap
watching trees caught in winter, thinking life has stopped -like the hardened dirt.
The earth has buried life, for protection with a warm woolen cap,
covered it with a hard dark shell, yet at the same time, left itself bare, and inert.

But listen, an inert prayer always has the universe’s attention,
can answer quietly with the first smell of spring, that is easy to miss.
Flowers bloom, leaves bud, the air shifts - offering a new sensation.
It can happen overnight: a welcoming Crocus, a green view,  a momentary sense of bliss.