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Saturday, June 18, 2011

calendar days

Sprinklers go on and off, not turned on by human hands.
I watch from the window,
mourn a summer not yet gone
by calendar days.

Tiny birds travel about, low to the ground, enjoying the machinery
that has allowed them rain.
They fly to and fro.

I never bought the pansies or the impatiens 
for our balcony ledge,  
and it is too early for pumpkins.

Geese left loudly - four nights ago.

Last night, we heard the crickets, 
thought it was water running somewhere,
did not recognize the sound:
an air conditioner had drowned out all summer long.

It's too soon,
It's still August,
I still have beach days left in me.

(I think silently to the chattering birds.)

But they don't care. 
They are happy in their man made rain.

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  1. Oh, I like this... can close my eyes and see your renderings! Thank you.