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mindful writing

Mindfulness seems to be to be the new buzz word for a while now. The new cure all. The new thing. It's everywhere. Work. Stores. Books. Magazines. Apps. 

It's on the covers of magazines, displayed prominently in the checkout line at the supermarket. I love to buy those, because I like to read about mindfulness. Even though each magazine pretty much says the same things. I read. I read again. I plan how to implement the ideas, but never really do. 

There are books too. Lots of them. I also love to purchase those. Sometimes I even read them the whole way though. All the ones I bought years ago are stuffed into a forgotten drawer.  That before my close up vision declined, and now I read everything on a Kindle. I have books about mindfulness saved there too. 

Mindfulness are also apps. I love downloading them. I have more than I need. They are fun for awhile, but I am never consistent with them. Maybe some day I will. 

But it occurred once that when I write it feel likes a  form of mindfulness. It keeps my mind in the present moment engaged in a task, and when I journal about the present moment, that is mindfulness for me. So I created a page about mindfulness.  

Its just an idea now. Now sure what it will involved into, and it too may end up forgotten and abandoned, a forgotten page on a forgotten blog. On a page that by design, it stagnant. 

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